Up-Cycling Denim

Create an up-cycled garment, quilt or pillow out of your old jeans, fabrics, trims and threads.
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Create an upcycled garment out of your old jeans, fabrics, trims and threads.

Alternatively, ask friends if they have any old jeans or visit your op shops, they usually have a rack of jeans. I suggest a range of shades or colours as they show up the piecing more. Also, the larger the size and wider the legs the more area of denim you have to cut from.

I will be demonstrating-

* How to create a skirt from your jeans and embellish.

* How to create a simple top, skirt or coat from old jeans.

* I will demonstrate embellishment techniques such as- piecing, machine and hand embroidery, Applique and basic stamping/stenciling techniques.

What you could make

* Creating a skirt from your old jeans

* Create a top from old jeans

* Create an unlined coat from old jeans

* Create a quilt or cushion from old jeans

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